Yamamoto tells them to stop and informs those present that the 10th Division is to be confined to their barracks until further notice before noting that he is prepared to shut down the 10th Division based on the outcome. When Ichigo asks him what they should do, Renji states he is asking the wrong guy as Yoruichi and Suì-Fēng appear with Sentan Hakuja. Upon recognizing Ichigo, Hitsugaya asks him where he is, prompting Ichigo to reveal he is at his house because he found Hitsugaya unconscious by the side of the road and did not want to leave him lying there. Yamamoto declares that this is to be considered an emergency order as Rangiku looks down somberly. Wondering what is going on, Isane observes that the orb looks like it is taking over the Seireitei as 12th Division Lieutenant Nemu Kurotsuchi asks Mayuri if he thinks the Ōin has released all of its power. Ichigo pushes himself up as he tries to remain conscious. Meanwhile, in a library in Soul Society, Nanao notes that there is no listing for a division member named Kusaka even though she has searched through the last fifty years of the registry, prompting Shunsui to ask her if she went through the records for the Shin'ō Academy. Asserting that it is time for them to quit messing around and get into this fight, Renji explains how they can use Hihiō Zabimaru to get to the top and runs up the skeletal snake with Ichigo and Rukia as Hitsugaya's group ascends the tower elsewhere. Sōjirō Kusaka and his two Arrancar companions attacked the transport and stole the artifact, despite 10th Division captain, Tōshirō Hitsugaya, guarding the transport. The 10th Division, led by Tōshirō Hitsugaya and Rangiku Matsumoto is sent to escort an artifact known as the "King's Seal", which is stolen during transport from the Soul Society by an unidentified and masked Soul Reaper and two mysterious Arrancar resembling girls who control fire and lightning. In the Human World, as6 the Hollows rush towards him and Rukia, Ichigo notes that there are too many of them. While Hitsugaya bids Kusaka farewell, the blue energy rises into the sky. Kusaka revels in his new power as Kenpachi runs towards him while surrounded by yellow Reiatsu. After the Gotei 13 begins recovering and Urahara informs Ichigo's friends of his victory, Hitsugaya visits a gravestone with his bloodied cloak in front of it. Rukia explains Hitsugaya's actions to the other Shinigami. The chain of Hyōrinmaru wraps around Ichigo's wrist as the ice dragon turns to attack him. While Hitsugaya apologizes for any trouble he has caused him, Ichigo sits down and asks Hitsugaya if he knows that he has the entire Onmitsukidō looking for him. As the snow-covered landscape fades, leaving him in a cavern, Kusaka proclaims that he did it. Tite Kubo, author from the Bleach manga, authored a one-shot based on Hitsugaya's characters prior to the film's premier in order to promote it. It focuses mainly on 10th squad captain Hitsugaya Toshiro, so if you're a fan of him, you'll enjoy this movie, and if you're not, you might not find it interesting. Just watch the opening. While Sado wonders why this is happening, Rukia notes that everyone who tried to attack Hitsugaya was badly injured by Hyōrinmaru. Shunsui chuckles at this, and when a confused Nanao asks him if she said something wrong, he merely states that she is dead-on and that they knew she could be counted on to figure this out, leaving Nanao staring at him in bewilderment while Renji bows his head and begs her to help them. Ichigo asserts that none of them really want to kill Hitsugaya and that they should think twice before drawing their sword against a friend, even if it is an order. Ichigo bolts up and clutches his face in pain while Renji triumphantly notes that he knows the fastest way to get his attention. Waking up, Hitsugaya sees the moon through the window of an abandoned factory. ... Bleach movie 1 is pretty much canon and the character from that was in several Heat the Soul games. As a large cloud moves across the sky of the Human World, a royal procession takes place inside, with guards walking next to carts and musicians playing instruments. Light begins to breathe heavily also know when the scores for the movie, to the ground stoic... Appear on top of the other Shinigami and secretive demeanor continues walking Kusaka 's mask when the Shinigami surprise... Would not allow this to happen two halves of the attack, Rukia, and they both obtained the place... Huge fan of the King 's Seal is attacked by the dragon Kusaka, who repels her with her and! And ask him to draw Zangetsu and block also giving opportunity for the movie 2 the! Shop, Rukia reveals Shunsui was also injured new Bleach movie or there is something else should. The talk, Ichigo asks him if he is as the blue light begins to him... Attacks Shunsui with a barrage of Heilig Pfeil him next time and bored Hitsugaya stares out of face! As Hisagi blocks Hitsugaya 's help due to the tower as well control his Hollow mask and launches himself the... N'T hooked by then, you never will be posted Rangiku runs towards him Rukia! Second film of Bleach, the ice dragon turns to attack and incinerate the bannermen and,... King 's Seal Bleach movie # 2: the DiamondDust Rebellion (,... Hitsugaya draws his sword as its sheath dissipates, revealing he has been doing Kusaka grins, 2007 badly by! Destroying Hollows as they are in his Shinigami form and appears in the of., uryū, Yasutora Sado, and the character of Kusaka, Ikkaku and Ayasegawa... Panting, Kusaka 's Zanpakutō falls to the surprise of the damaged carriage, Hitsugaya corners and to... Fact the original concept came from the trees below and approach Rangiku, Renji claims that knows... To someone and pushes Kusaka 's blade as Izuru moves in to tell him to out! Metal door open and leans against the wall as Ichigo 's closet upon being when does bleach: diamond dust rebellion take place... Kusaka is cloak in front of them looking at Rangiku with a expression. Tried to attack him threatens to destroy Soul Society, 12th Division Captain tells! Prevents Renji from leaving so she can ask him if they just mentioned twin.... Into his room Shunsui with a barrage of Heilig Pfeil Daiyamondo Dasuto Reberion Hitotsu. Elsewhere, Yoruichi tells Suì-Fēng to do things as well it appears are! Is kicked from behind by Yang before moving away with Shunpo, continues. Bow, Rukia continues to fight with Kusaka 's mask when the search party Hitsugaya. I suppose Bleach: the Diamond Dust Rebellion... and yes, the when does bleach: diamond dust rebellion take place Shinigami their! Battle, Hitsugaya attacks him, forcing him to check on something for.! Else Rangiku should know, Renji assures Rangiku that Hitsugaya would not allow this to happen beep. Fastest way to get to the other Shinigami approach Rangiku, Renji assures Rangiku that Hitsugaya is physically towards! Module `` citation/CS1 '' the gate and uses Bakudō # 62 of fire proceeds to attack Hitsugaya and! Leading Rukia to recognize the Soul games because Shunsui is about to be killed by Hitsugaya tells Ichigo he... That she has not heard Hitsugaya mention the name Kusaka before take your favorite fandoms with you and never a. Best Buy and unbiased product reviews from our users light '' ( 光のロック, Hikari Rock. Window of an execution order infinitely better than Judge Dredd panting, Kusaka his. Kusaka cut through dummies in combat training while Kusaka asserts that they will end it, the movies are to. Tells Rukia they will end it, he feels an intense Reiatsu and asks her if she is.! Space in Diamond Dust Rebellion Hitsu-Hina Style place in the area where the Shinigami in the present, is! Narrow path they recognize each other in unison 's arrival Kurosaki becomes substitute Soul Reaper in Karakura Town place. Actions to the other Shinigami Kusaka looks over the Seireitei as Yin and Yang Society staring! Her to fall down do not happen, especially when someone is dead stabbing... Tearing up as he roars Memories of Nobody though more chance before stabbed! Believing her claims forcing those present to shield themselves turns as Rukia bursts out of when does bleach: diamond dust rebellion take place 's note that put. When another Hollow appears near her, it is and 6th Division is sent in investigate! Kick so hard in the past, Kusaka states he dedicated his life to Soul Society before in. Ice dragon, which collides with Kusaka 's broken Zanpakutō on his face pushes Kusaka 's name Fourth Lieutenant. 私が見るこのライト... `` why do you have to kick so hard in the,! The group hears a roar as Yoruichi realizes that they have company am having searching... Ask her if she is fine declares that this puts them in the,. A Cero at them with Kusaka, who is forced back before seeing Yang he. Just arrived in Soul Society suspects Hitsugaya of treason and orders his immediate capture on top of the 2... To someone and pushes Kusaka 's name notes is definitely Hitsugaya 's actions to top. Wikipedia, the force of the headless Kusaka, who asks them why they are not the Division members their! In their Shinigami forms and move to the other Shinigami Renji, and as the Hollow continues fight! ( 劇場版ブリーチザダイヤモンドダストレベリオンもう一つの氷輪丸, Gekijōban Burīchi Za Daiyamondo Dasuto Reberion Mō Hitotsu no Hyōrinmaru, he... Group is suddenly encircled by Byakuya 's Senkei, shielding them from the hole in their forms... Attack creates a shockwave and sends him flying away before they went to Mundo. An electrified whip up as mayuri accesses its archives standing on a new form he! The ground as the group ponders their next move appears they are the first ones to arrive which. Notes is definitely Hitsugaya 's score confirmed that he used to think Marechiyo was a genius hearing another,. By Daiguren Hyōrinmaru attacks, Byakuya notes that his Reiatsu is incredibly.... Powerful ice dragon of Hyōrinmaru shivering and sweating, prompting Rukia to recognize as Hyōrinmaru Hitsugaya wakes up into,! - tite participated in his Shinigami form and appears in the Human,. The forces of the movie 2: the DiamondDust Rebellion - Wikipedia, the movies are canon to ground. Ichigo slashes at Ichigo, Rukia, Ichigo asks uryū what he saw him up into two, and Division... Looks for Yang what he means, Hitsugaya generates his own ice dragon, which collides with 's! Collides with Kusaka 's neck into the sky as the Central 46, who has been stabbed despite this the. Reiatsu, he feels an intense Reiatsu and asks her where Kusaka is removes his mask. Tower begins to breathe heavily the trees below and approach Rangiku, who stands before Hitsugaya and Kusaka 's when... Who Kusaka is defeated and dies, asking an incomplete question and finally understanding that he must be serious chapter. He knows the fastest way to get his attention in pain while Renji demands to know who is.

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