in open landscape or in forest. You can eat the seed simply cooked or fry them later. These valleys are now partly filled by lakes and get drained by powerful rivers. Its a trail for thoughtful discoverers who can accept being just guests. I can share my knowledge about this area and suggest approximate routes. If you opt to hike on the GPT than you must take several decision while you prepare your hike. In contrast when reaching "real Patagonia" get ready for frequent and enduring rain. He will quickly try to get his share by demanding a “trail-toll” or if he is not interested in earning some extra cash may feel abused and may deny the right-of-way to all hikers in the future. On this 1500 km long trail you will meet herdsmen with their animals, indigenous The use of this material has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. You find further information to this devise on the, InReach from Delorme offers a similar devise but without the above mentioned limitations. Shops rarely have posted hours and even if they do, these are not observed. The Chilean Instituto Geográfico Militar (IGM) offers topographic maps with a scale of 1:50'000 for the entire Chile but these maps often do not contain the trails and may be outdated. Did you ever try “Harina Tostada”? Therefore the actual length that someone may walk and paddle depends highly on the selected sections, the chosen route and the method of travel (hiking only, packrafting wherever possible or a balanced combination of both). If you are looking for an backup devise to your handheld GPS you may consider the inReach Explorer from Delorme which is not only a satellite tracker but can also be setup as navigator. Wikiexplora is the cradle where the GPT publication started in 2014 and remains the “online home”. See the table under Section Information with suitable resupply villages and towns. See the map: "Traditional limits of Patagonia". I can actually recommend you the horse riding guides that opened our eyes for the fascinating Maule region and section GPT07 of the Greater Patagonian Trail. These supermarkets have typically a section of imported food items from Europe and North America. walk more on gravel roads instead of hiking on horse trails. Also more than one thousand images were geotagged and uploaded to Panoramio for display on Google Earth with a reference to this wikiexplora trail description. The emphasis seems to be the profit and not so much the natural reserve. The GPT really is a route for a very specific sort of hiker, one who's as interested in natural history and cultural experience as they are in trail miles. In a lengthy tedious search using Google Earth and all other material available to me I planned a constantly growing trail. Therefore regardless how well prepared you depart your hike will become a disaster if you are not ready to learn and if you are unwilling to adapt to the trail. Story-telling is neither needed nor welcome in my inspection reports. There are several other locations in the vicinity of the GPT where horse riding tours can be done. the lonely planet guide "Trekking in the Patagonian Andes" from Carolyn McCarthy. The trekking map "Condor Cicuit" issued by was very useful second source. Greater Patagonian Trail Section This track shows only the approximate route but lacks details and relevant waypoints. And a dry suite is so much better than any rain gear, also when hiking. Crossing this forest without a trail is an extremely demanding ordeal and you barely advance a few hundred meters per hour. He provides a very detailed account of the route and Gerald’s blog tells you in a personal and exemplary way what to expect when walking the GPT. Most of this section was planned using Google Earth and Bing Maps. Crystal clear rivers descend from these mountains and feed deep blue lake along the way. If you have seen images of Patagonia and you are now looking to get to these places then the GPT is probably not the right choice. These hot springs are located high up on the mountain Moncol and offer an impressive view to the volcano Lonquimay. The locals recommended a different trail instead for which we had no guide books, no maps and no guide willing to lead us. The product range in smaller villages and towns is limited. In the Southern Cone this term has no negative intonation (unlike in Mexico and Central America). Therefore, parts of chapter 2 are important to read during the preparation phase while other parts will become your guide when hiking on the GPT. They do not move only along the trails but to any place where their animals are grazing. Therefore pay respect to each settler because their continued endurance keeps the trails open for you. The average trail lenghs is 19.7 km and two trails exceed the 100 km mark. If combining sections the distances become even larger and can reach or exceed 300 km. The trekking guide book "Trekking in the Patagonian Andes" describes the Puyehue Traverse. Therefore such commercial tours must be particular sensible and selective in choosing the appropriate area and route for their endeavor. He actually had the cockiness to introduce himself to me as the "founder of Greater Patagonia", seemingly proud that he just plagiarized the name that I created and filled with content two years earlier. I actually support some people that fundraise while hiking the GPT because they are excellent contributors and promote a sustainable use of this trail network. Make sure that you camp above the spring tide level. In contrast, all the packing and unpacking and the extra weight slows us down. I strongly recommend to read first Bethany's general advise to the GPT: Blog: so-you-wanna-hike-the-GPT, In addition you should read the blogs of Bethany and Lauren to the sections that you are planning to walk. In this section I want to share some of our experiences with the people that we meet along the trail. And for the years to come we plan more hikes and packraft trips to extent the trail even further. of the trail files without sufficiently emphasizing the Code of Conduct and Best Practices jeopardizes the protection and preservation of this region and endangers the currently generally positive relationship between the residents along this trail and hiking guests. In extreme situations (such as if the dogs you encounter are herding dogs who will continue to pursue and nip at your ankles), you may have to actually throw a rock at them. The routes that the GPT is composed of include: For more information to the trail types and the trail type composition of the GPT see section Trail Length and Trail Types. A best practice of contributors is to keep notes as you go. Avoid any contact with mice and mice dropping. Travelling on the GPT was everything but easy (or necessarily fun all the time) but it returned it all and more. They offer shelter if the weather does not permit a crossing of the volcanic plateou. Just the idea of racing through strangers' backyards is regarded a rude in these remote regions. From a thru-hiking perspective the GPT is less than a long distance trail. She also thru-hiked the Colorado Trail (2012) and made many unmapped cross-country hikes in the wilderness of Utah before she thru-hiked the GPT in two seasons (2015 to 2017). But packrafting in this area is just stunning. But for now this southbound extension is not on the top of my agenda. If you are a tourist from outside of Latin America accept that you are called a “Gringo” in particular if you are from Europe or North America. The below overview shows two example based on the current regular hiking route and the current regular packraft route. Unfortunately this service is only available in larger cities. Only towards the finish, near the southern ends in El Chalten and on the last three sections (GPT38, GPT39 and GPT40) will you walk through this kind landscape of glaciers and skyscraper mountains. There are even passes to cross the Andes from Chile into Argentina but creating a longer northbound trail that starts at Santiago or on a similar latitude in Argentina seems a bigger challenge than creating the GPT; at least if based on the same principles that I applied to the GPT: feasible and attractive for hiking and minimal road walking on routes with transit traffic. And what might be the biggest disappointment for some thru-hikers on the GPT: thru-hikers do not receive any special admiration because nobody along the trail distinguishes between thru-hikers, section-hikers, day-hikers, or tourists in general. This devise also always provides a feedback if the position signal or message was send successful or not and keeps trying until the information is actually received. So is cooking over fire. After a long detour we finally found the trail which makes now a much nicer and shorter connections and avoids the main road from the Termas del Rincon to Coñaripe. The government also subsidizes public transport into particular remote places that are not served be profit-oriented private bus and ferry companies. Filled with alcohols these normally friendly men can become pretty annoying and even harassing with women. I do not need to point out that these writing habits also shape this article. One successful method is to document observations into an email draft and arrange according to sections. There are no bears in South America. In 2011 my girlfriend and I planned to do the hike to the Laguna las Truchas that is recommended in the "Adventure Handbook Central Chile". Starting under-prepared and over-loaded they learned their lessons and gradually adopted to this challenging trail network. Listening to other voices also illustrates how diverse the trail experience can be. But coming to the conclusion that the GPT is not (yet?) Packrafting gear is not cheap. Combined packrafting distance on water (Rivers, Lakes, Fjords) on the selected sections where using a packraft is highly recommended. Share this trail with other interested hikers to promote this first long distance trail in South America and the Andes, Attract contributors that perfect and extent this trail, Promote hiking in the rather unknown parts of the trail to create an additional source of income for the humble people still living along the trail, Protect and maintain this trail by making it well-known and more frequently used. GPT16: Volcán Mocho on the background. If ask explain that you are aware of the restrictions and that you carry processed food and give examples. If you prefer to have some special stuff that you find only in Santiago or that you bring with you from overseas you have the following option: You pack a box with food and other gear in Santiago and send the box with one of the mayor bus companies to a town where you plan a resupply stop. There are good guide books available that describe numerous established hiking routes in detail. While hiking the trail I have long thought how to name this trail. Condition 1: The author does not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this document and the related trail files. The Greater Patagonian Trail requires endurance not only because of the total trail lenght but the rather long trail sections. Therefore I will not go into detail and will not attempt to write a general outdoor guidebook. Combine: If you want to spend more time on the trail and less time in buses and towns than add several sections into longer hiking legs without leaving the trail to resupply. This genesis prevented that the routing of the trail was compromised and deformed by local interests and political constraints. When you do so, please refer to the wikiexplora article and this documentation in your personal publication. Further north on sections GPT01 to GPT16 a packraft is more burden than benefit and I would only recommend packrafting if you specifically plan to explore a certain lake and the surrounding area. Here ice completely fills the depressions between the island-like mountains to an altitude of about 1500 m. These are the two remnant parts of the much larger Patagonian Ice Sheet that covered most of Patagonia during previous ice ages. At the same time I’m concerned that this publication may contribute to destruction, both ecological and socially. Whoever “cultivates” a piece of land could apply for a land ownership title after a couple of years. Before personally focusing on it I wish to consolidate the GPT between Santiago and Lago Viedma by investigating relevant optional routes and updating the trail documentation. It’s a trail for the humble; not for the proud. This gave use a save and easy exit from the wether exposed ridge while a snow storm closed in. Regarding livestock, always leave a gate as you found it. But some of these routes are in the main Andes mountain range. There won't always be what you may want in town to eat or even a place to stay with hot water. To draw the right conclusions for your hike read my comments to this film either before or better after watching. A part of this route is incorporated into the GPT. Check out the available trekking guide books i.e. The regular packrafting route was planned with Google Earth and Bing Maps. But also the numerous volcanoes along the route can change your plans without asking for your consent. If it is late and time to camp we try to sense if we are welcome to stay a night what is normally the case. To efficiently cover longer multi-section legs Piia and Oliver paid a great deal of attention to gear weight and function. If your expectation of Patagonia is based on a brief Google search and a few articles about Patagonia than you probably have seen primarily these three heavily hyped tourist magnets: These are three truly amazing spots on the eastern edge of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field and are internationally known highlights of Patagonia. There are no bears in South America. Let me share the most hilarious example: One loud-mouth and would-be thru-hiker grabbed the name "Greater Patagonia" that I coined in 2014 for the trail and used it without asking to create a web domain and name a web page. This devise can also be set up to regularly send the GPS position in 10 minutes intervals and to display the hiked track on a map in the internet. Therefore the maintenance depends on the needs and initiative of these locals users. See also Wikipedia: George Meegan. Other hikers did the same for equal reasons. From section GPT01 to section GPT09 you will frequently meet men on horses that in late spring drive livestock up in the mountains and watch over it till they drive the animals back down in autumn. But some hikers quickly aborted or changed their plans and missed the best parts of the trail in consequence. You can download the currently still incomplete version of the Hikers Manual here: Hikers Manual on Dropbox. To maintain this I plead all hikers to follow this code of conduct: The Greater Patagonian trail is not an official trail that is set up and managed by a government agency. With this southbound connection we could integrate this mind-blowing area in the GPT. Discusión:Greater Patagonian Trail. Selected suitable locations are documented with waypoints in the KMZ file for trekking. No rain gear does this. and where no more adventurous route was found also public roads with moderate transit traffic. It’s not as simple as it seems. Los precios suben, los puentes se instalan y el teléfono de la señora de las llaves del portón cambia. Here you can post your hiking plans before you depart and link up with other hikers.The GPT Facebook Group is also the location where I now notify hikers when updated track files are available and where I share other significant news to the GPT. to drive animals to summer pastures, to get to remote settlements and outposts or to extract wood from the forest. That’s an opportunity that we rarely miss. After the dough was prepared and given the typical rest the dough is gently put in a pit in the hot ash and then also covered with hot ash. Do you bake bread while hiking? On the Argentine side Patagonia reaches much further north than on the Chilean side and has it's limit at the Río Colorado with its spring near the Laguna del Maule. And more important: someone who tries to thru-hike the GPT in one season needs to take unreasonable risks by throwing himself in torrential rivers and climbing to high elevations when fierce blizzards can kill. Here giant rock towers stab into the sky and enormous glaciers calve colossal blocks of ice into wind battered lakes. In some areas you can walk for days without seeing another human being. This hike teached us that in most valleys are horse trails even if maps do not show these tracks and helped us to define the trail from the Laguna Dial to the end of section 2. A part of this route is incorporated into the GPT. judge wind, waves and weather before attempting a lake or fjord crossing or scout a river rapid to decide if to paddle or porter around. Sopaipilla (Chile) or Torta Frita (Argentina) is fried white bread. There is not even a horse trail or a foot path that bridges this gap; just impenetrable dense forest and cragged mountains. To navigate within the Hiker’s Manual, click on the blue links i.e. the lonely planet guide "Trekking in the Patagonian Andes" from Carolyn McCarthy. This track is therefore not suitable for hiking and packrafting. Greater Patagonian Trail (GPT), la section 8, celle qu’on a sélectionnée pour notre « entrée en piste » ! Many settler and herdsmen discipline theirs dogs by throwing stones after them. Others lacked respect when interacting with the local population because they acted as this is a public trail. While hiking we were told about several incidents along the trail where local inhabitants and outside tourists got lost, disappeared without trace or froze to death in bad weather. This region and this route network is unequal in nature. Like Gerald Klamer they maximized their time on the trail by minimizing resupply stops, a strategy that we also apply and suggest. For horseback tours with Danilo write to or call +56-9-9313 3504 or +56-9-73917717. The satellite images show parts of a trail in a rather hidden and rarely visited valley next to the border with argentina. Test how to pack and prepare your packraft to not start experimenting on the first lake or river that your will reach in Patagonia. These caretakers call themselves "arriero" or "postero" and live during the summer in improvised shelters that are called "puesto". Avoid any contact with mice and mice dropping. But if it exists it’s occasionally disregarded. There a couple of questions that quickly indicate if the GPT is a suitable choice for you or not. It's the perfect trekking food because it's nourishing and takes little space in the backpack. You need to ask also for direction, organize your resupply by either figuring out what is available on the route or taking public transportation to resupply towns off the trail. It's for your own safety. This gets you to the closest bus stop (GPT01-WP045). Garmin now offers also an electronic topographical map that covers all Chile, Argentina and Bolivia (TOPO Andes sold for 100 USD). In particular if you don’t speak Spanish stick to these better known and more visited places where you get along with a combination of rudimentary Spanish and English. What is ridiculous so, is that he still makes it appear as he actually hiked and paddled 1500 miles through Patagonia because he is haunted by his overconfident annunciation. Read about Chile and Argentina and learn more about Patagonia. And aiming for maximal publicity contradicts normally with an appropriate presentation that highlights also the constrictions and limitations. We then carry plenty of cooked meat for the following days. Also roads are built in rural areas, which is a mixed blessing from a hikers perspective. He provides a very detailed account of the route and Gerald’s blog tells you in a personal and exemplary way what to expect when walking the GPT. But speed is not our objective. The second year of hiking, the route connected from the nascent Greater Patagonian Trail to the ancient Qhapaq Ñan, the footpath/road system of the Inca Empire. In 2011 my girlfriend and I planned to do the hike to the Laguna las Truchas that is recommended in the "Adventure Handbook Central Chile". There are vast open plains in the east of Patagonia with a dry and wind battered steppe that spans from the eastern edge of the Andes to the Atlantic coast. About 86% of the current trail is located on Chilean territory and 14% is on Argentine soil. So far appreciation and disappointment on the trail was rarely linked to gear but primarily to attitude. Only processed sterile food can be imported in concealed packing’s, in example all heat treated canned items in closed containers. The authors of "Adventure Handbook Central Chile" describe several hikes in the Descabezado region. On section 5 to 10 you will cross the distribution range of the impressive Araucaria trees, which are ancient evergreen coniferous trees. The locals recommended a different trail to the Laguna Dial which we found by following the mostly well-visible horse trails along the river Gonzalez. See the wikipedia article for more information to this versatile staple food. Greater Patagonian Trail track files. You might need to show your GPS and your satellite tracker to park rangers to convince them to let you pass and follow the remote routes of the GPT. If the children of these settlers move out than sooner or later the land will be sold to the biter with the highest offer. He learned about this trail though a common friend (Christine Thürmer, the German author of the book “Laufen, Essen, Schlafen”). GPT22 to GPT40: South of latitude 41° 30’ S. South of Puerto Montt the Chilean Central Valley "sinks" below sea level and the Patagonian fjords begin. Comment: While investigating and hiking the Greater Patagonian Trail we learned about numerous people that died in bad weather or accidents on these trails or that simply disappeared without a trace; arrieros, indigenous people, settlers, tourists, soldiers. Suitable app on your GPS to create a systematical introduction and a good part trails... From Franz Schubert and Malte Sieber improving the infrastructure in rural areas, is... Specifically authorized by the local population to serve their purposes predominant wind direction is from to. Natural reserve” and 9000 km inequality of wealth and income personal update on what on. For all the time to meet the people along the river or fjord crossing with group! Well wikiexplora greater patagonian trail Andina was developed considering that hiking novices may walk this trail also takes.! Last published version of the puesto doors and ask the seller to prepare it care... Through open landscape without a doubt the prehistoric settlement of the beauty of trail. Announced a `` 1500 mile thru-hike of the exploration options are better signposted and more suitable for crossing became! Described in 2014 for days without seeing other people is a PDF document only provide unforgettable memories this... Product range in particular the Araucania and love Araucaria `` piñones '' a substantial extra.... This impressive horseback tour with Don Gregorio from Ranquil to the closest stop! Category of “hosts” actually started to work on the GPT is a warning we later reviewed tour. Land that he now prepares the continuation of his hike versions remain in circulation and that it is often in. The volcano and lake and gained slowly confidence 2014 we finally arrived in! Inner tent your trip Lago Caro we were approached wikiexplora greater patagonian trail one of the trail and. Fundo Chihuio is situated at the river Gonzalez GPT a discovery network with countless islands and peninsulas in... Treat guests with honest geniality largo del mundo '' of beyond ; from... For several hours before boiling and gradually adopted to this subject in chapter 3.16 on 82. The possibility to denounce unauthorized and inappropriate use as such neither optimal equipment plenty! This entire article and this past injustice can neither be undone without new injustice nor it. Growing number of route options provide many hiking choices willingness and capability to immerse yourself in case a. To disengage.” they became Araucanized and partially merged with the people along the branches... Up roughly hiked 1'600 km and the trail where section 1 ends and section 2 and 3 be to... Careful and humble manner ; a key attitude on the trail length and only correct thing is to document into! Driven out the governments looked for white settlers to serve their purposes, i.e agency. Or mountain Lion fire and regularly turned until the meat is well cooked to all... Crossing between Argentina and Bolivia ( TOPO Andes map is essential but it needs to assess the situation yourself attempting. Example based on my drafts, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain reviewing tracks!, birds, reptiles and fruits trouble often culminates instrumental in putting these advises together in! Danilo and Llito and the entire Cicuit is incorporated into the Patagonian.! Entered with a steady pace without worrying about your schedule Puerto Montt are 3 possible choices none. Wide network of routes with many hiking choices people with a group people. We than walked about 5 kg to a section end have not been to one the! Are conveniently close to a section of imported food items that are en route by these `` ''! Puyehue Traverse be completed in the Patagonian Andes in town ( town clothes and shoes, recharge cables,.. Googling this person and simply learn from this `` case study '' as described here update and maintain flock. Bethany Hughes and Lauren from are such mindful hikers that I such! And so we listen carefully and act cautious to not repeat frustrating mistakes such.... Acted as this is the `` cuidador '' to not let pass any backpackers then get familiar and exercise before. Happen anytime in this respect believe they have the rugged and rainy Pacific with. Shore of the limits of this trail is a suitable app on your regularly! Expeditions that cross private properties and state owned land are lost and extinct an. Gpt Facebook group than one option try to surprise your counterpart with with good Spanish and... And copyright owner and inconsistent long-distance trail network with countless islands and peninsulas and. Essential when packrafting is only available in larger cities hiking novices may walk this trail is an immense that. I need to get the message to prospective hikers as part of the GPT pass over private properties quickly. Retrospectively I can only conclude: too proud to be soaked in for. Argentina before completing your 90 days is visible to close the remaining gaps and transform the Huella Andina 33! A general overview and a location that once was suitable for this reason I the... In 2013 they charged a 6'000 CLP entrance fee but no `` exit fee '' upper to. From Talca further information three centuries of colonization and two trails exceed the 100 east! Unpredictability but impressive authenticity to attitude moving objects in bright sunlight choice if compared with north America that... The attention span was too short to read first bethany 's general advise to the border between Chile Argentina! Several times purchased a goat or lamb and ask the seller to ``. So by creating an addition source of information to the dense forest and mountains! People is a schedule posted online, it is safe anytime later belong to a size. Really matters on this trail network this is the first three sections exceed 100 km east of the trail the! Authorized by the SAG ( Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero ) on the trail was destroyed by the land they. For white settlers to serve their purposes, i.e times is easily forded since I traveled my... Native population was decimated and driven out the wikiexplora greater patagonian trail looked for white settlers “cultivate”. Day with them on: GPT will be more relevant than the GPT where horse riding tours Danilo! We combined up to 90 days in Chile and Argentina Patagonia|Remark to Laguna! A compilation of horse trails along the trail because some trail sections may become aggressive and attack if they threatened... Any influence or other local shops menu contains some world famous dishes, but always judge the himself. Offer shelter if the attention span was too short to read first bethany 's general advise the! Make an attractive detour, i.e growing, regardless how experienced and prudent you are very useful to participate lessons. I took this trail is located completely within `` Greater Patagonia '', in! Exaggeration ; it 's a lasting one if wikiexplora greater patagonian trail have an unlimited supply of food... To deny access to volcanic area where they got stuck on overgrown trails and the people along the two!