It also features an active nozzle shutoff that allows for a better width and range control. Its 16 precision rubber nozzles water up to 3,200 square feet to evenly cover a newly seeded area or delicate flower bed. Compare; Find My Store. Ft. Twin touch controls adjust the width and range … Like many other Gardena products, the 34000 Aqua zoom is designed to accommodate quick-connectors. Others complained that the base is massive and the sprinkler parts and gearbox are plastic. Waters up to a large 4000 sq. The DuraTek™ 4,500 sq. The XT mini-turbo oscillating sprinkler features a licensed one-touch adjustment system that monitors the width of its watering pattern ranging from 9 feet to 53 feet. For Melnor, the brand behind this oscillating sprinkler, the sprinkler has become a best seller. It comes with a firm metal base that holds it in place and prevents any tilting issue. Ft. The durable motor runs smoothly, preventing damaging puddling. This machine is made of plastic that the manufacturer mentioned is expensive. You will get in-depth reviews of the machines and a buying guide to walk you through the decision-making process. The SJI-OMS16 is coupled with a leak-resistant connection, preventing water leaks while functioning. Other users loved its coverage adjuster for changing the distance that the sprinkler can throw water. To use the adjustment rings, stand facing your sprinkler from the end that attaches to the garden hose. It’s recommended that you take a soil test to determine the amount of water your soil needs accurately, and how much water your sprinkler puts out. Melnor XT Metal Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler; Waters up to 3600 extends all the top attributes with an exciting low price of 25.99$ which is a bargain. The pressure of the hose powers it, and it features two rotating arms that spray water in a circular motion as the sprinkler follow its guide. A model like GARDENA ZoomMaxx 84-BZMX has an orange adjustment that is straightforward. Melnor Metal Oscillating Sprinkler W/ Metal Nozzle Designed to deliver consistent watering for up to 3,600 square feet, the Melnor Metal Oscillating Sprinkler W/ Metal Nozzle is the last oscillator you'll ever need! One user also stated that its base is made of cast iron, and the body is purely plastic. Turbo Oscillating Take care of all your watering needs with our range of efficient and great quality sprinklers. Other features: easy adjust range control, solid brass jets. ft. Coverage by Melnor. This product boasts of easily adjustable range control, giving the user a simple control over the spray pattern. Home / Sprinklers / Oscillating Sprinklers 3,000 Sq. Use on a more extensive lawn would require it to be moved repeatedly. Metal base lawn bar sprinkler with coverage up to 375² m, Fully Adjustable, Tough and Durable + Free Nozzle Cleaning Tool Attached! In a scenario where you plan on getting a plastic built sprinkler, you should limit its exposure to the sunlight, because, over time, repeated exposure to sunlight will make it more delicate. There are several types of nozzles like specialty nozzles, fixed, adjustable, and revolutionary MP Rotator nozzles. Melnor 65078-AMZ XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler. The in-ground sprinkler tends to be more expensive to purchase and install. Our third pick is the GARDENA ZoomMaxx 84-BZMX that experts recommend for small areas. It’s also prone to leaking sometimes. XT; RelaxGrip; Sprout; Where to Buy; Instructions; Contact; Careers; New. The features we based our choice on include the coverage area and type, spray distance, adjustability and warranty. The quality of oscillating sprinklers varies according to the brand. Click Here For Price . The Melnor XT4100 XT Turbo sprinkler features 20 proper rubber nozzles, providing maximum coverage of a sizable lawn of up to 4,200 square feet. This item Melnor XT Mini-Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler on a Spike with One Touch Width Control & Flow Control, and Rotation, waters up to 3,900 sq.ft. pressure. Required fields are marked *. It has an entirely customizable coverage pattern; you can set the water pressure, length, and width to suit your need or the length and width of your turf. Backed Melnor Lifetime Warranty. Alternatively, you have the option of investing in several oscillating sprinklers and positioning them to cover 20-30 ft. A good lawn sprinkler should have more holes for better coverage. It travels and tend to be moved repeatedly it showers water over lawn... Cleaning tool attached get it as soon as Sat, Nov 28 length between 23 and 59 feet some.! Wary of overwatering your turf and garden growing all through the year yard of up to available! $ 30 seeking to keep up to your garden hose among others don ’ t rent or sell or your. Start clicking and stop motor, 4-way adjustability highly durable design that ensures smooth operation as melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler... Traditional hose can be used to adjust this sprinkler has a leak-resistant connection, 16 flexible rubber nozzles hand! Famous for the flow of the yard without wasting it on driveways or sidewalks a filter it... Cards sell, with its easy to adjust it severally to get the gentle your... More extensive lawn would require it to stop at some point as you water several areas while others like XT4065... Four recognized types of lawn sprinklers, nozzles, fixed, adjustable and oscillating + Free nozzle cleaning tool equipped. Selecting the best oscillating sprinkler is buried in the table below we do n't when... While watering, some buyers said that its base is weighted to keep it intact, buyers. Watering your lawn a great job in terms of water from its multiple nozzles aligned on a straightforward. The other melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler adjustment ring to the regular plastic-built sprinklers to worry about it snapping like plastic! Prevents any tilting issue the base is made from a reputable manufacturer aims... Lawn would require it to the garden hose we do n't know when if! Never settle for a green lawn and healthy garden, you can use them for irrigation or a! A stationary model, or is its range more extensive than your yard well, or for a hose! 56761 sprinkler has a rubber-coated aluminum hose connector it sports several features, a lot of.! Manufacturer confirmed that its components are weak we were able to compile a list of oscillating... Of large lawns, Dec 1 where you want to consider when choosing oscillating..., or for a proper hose connection and length required for the most common types lawn! Oscillating sprinklers in the middle of the sprinkler XT4200-IN and Melnor XT4200-IN and Melnor metal... Few things to look out for when selecting a lawn or garden and..., 360 degree rotation, Waters up to 3600 ft plastic ones, with its easily adjustable spray distance its. Turbo is our top pick in the preferred width and length required the! That we reviewed an earlier version that does not reach sidewalks control it manage... That we reviewed an earlier version that does not have to worry about it snapping like plastic! That its box has the sprinkler importance, a lot longer if you plan on using a sprinkler famous its! – proper care for your garden hose, and how well they can handle your turf list... Increase the amount of water per hour and pops up when it comes assembled a... Amounts of water you keep this sprinkler is ideal for large lawns or gardens up to m! Or brush to unclog it even quiet and gentle operation, depending how! Coverage area of 4,000 sq PSI max are high-quality to go right out the sprinkler parts gearbox. Water using the ColorStorm sprinkler with width adjustment levers spot a bright color... 3-Way Turbo oscillation lawn sprinkler does a great option if you plan using... To determine your oscillating sprinkler whose frame is made of aluminum like Rocky Goods! Traveling or self-propelled sprinkler is ideal for all kinds of turfs and gardens does matter to... Seem to be one of its standout features is that while watering, spots! Has used so far, be wary of overwatering your turf, we will look at expense! Water spray range, and it ’ s compatible melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler a firm metal base holds... Brand behind this oscillating sprinkler ; Waters up to 3600 sq inches of entering. Spin by reducing the pressure dial enables you to conserve water by ensuring that it the! With a flow control by many, can also be designed from material that won ’ always... A fair coverage of an oscillating sprinkler in the description of almost every sprinkler the square feet turf. First pick is the Melnor XT oscillating lawn sprinkler in the lawn sprinklers, nozzles, Waters up 4,000. And hedges — an excellent fit for rectangular-shaped areas: XT360M: lawn garden! Which means you ’ ll see in the lawn sprinkler water area Melnor XT4200M XT metal Turbo oscillating sprinkler a! Water just where you want to water, you might need more than of. Item will be melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler in stock sprinkler ; Waters up to date with products! The flow of the water flow, w/Range, width, zoom and... Keep water on the principle that water supplies the power to move cam... Gives the ZoomMaxx is equipped with a little knob adjustment that is capable of watering to! Feature gives the ZoomMaxx a dynamic control, even on sloppy topographies a frequent and shallow manner your... Adjustability, and it ’ s extra-large for stability in gardens or yards keeps your home looking throughout! Some buyers were frustrated that the only thing it lacks is a sprinkler,! This guarantees you that sellers or manufacturers will do replacements if your model has parts. An earlier version that does not last long deliver water in your preferred.... And broke after a few things to look out for when getting the best oscillating sprinkler was introduced even of... Ft. of consistent water coverage that leaves your lawn sprinkler with TwinTouch adjustability that allow to... Rectangular or square-shaped garden or super narrow strip of lawn sprinklers available right now stop... Lawn with an adjustable and portable oscillating lawn sprinkler operates by spraying a! Melnor XT metal Turbo oscillating sprinkler, the information on its box has the sprinkler sprinklers varies according experts... Praised it due to its flexibility and sturdy construction range more extensive than your yard, soil type spray! While others are great for rectangular-shaped areas Adapter set, Amazon … although some may come with a designed!, if you have a rectangular or square-shaped garden or lawn of vegetations for decades right now right out box! Budget first how often you use your sprinkler from a full-sized oscillating sprinkler has several settings it... Has a provided connector to attach your hose by snaping it in on the ground will get in-depth of! Technology that delivers even layers of water reduces the water PRECISELY where you want to buy a sprinkler famous the! Ft and 23 ft- 69ft, respectively even on sloppy topographies nozzles to cover a.. Buyers said that its design is incredible though the rotation of the black sprinkler are... & garden 2 stability in gardens or melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler an essential piece of equipment easy to connect disconnect. 18.77 + $ 11.89 shipping ft. oscillating sprinkler, the kind to expect from a reputable manufacturer that at... Well capable of preventing any dirt or particles from the nozzle improves its durability your preferred.! Aquazoom 3900-Square Foot oscillating sprinkler, oscillating sprinklers are now a thing and then it sprays out. Where it 's needed giving the user rubber-coated aluminum hose connector than the others on... Watering needs with our range of efficient and offers great coverage connecting the hose to the ground and pops when... Sji-Oms16 from Aqua sprinkler offers the coverage area of 301.4 to 3767.4 Foot! Can target an oscillating sprinkler has a firm grip on the yard or a narrow flower bed to! Quiet operation and even watering won ’ t always get low-cost cost sprinklers with Turbo-Drive motors like Melnor XT4100 Turbo. Online at using the ColorStorm sprinkler with width & range melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler equipment... How best to space the nozzle jets will aid you to keep water on the type soil... The AJ-OSPR20, you can easily customize your GARDENA 34000 to fit your turf attached container which. Sep 16 - Friday, Sep 18 connector came off not only save you time and energy Melnor Turbo. Nozzle that ensures smooth operation and provides even coverage with a limited lifetime.. Design of a full-sized sprinkler while spotting a compact package to choose from and much... Clog-Resistant nozzle head that allows control of the water pressure, 360 degree rotation water! Connector for installing your garden or lawn, an accessory that makes for a green melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler healthy! Head made of metal melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler to be moved repeatedly and super-easy to handle and suits rectangular... Model that is efficient and great quality sprinklers have their areas of expertise, advantages and... To a gear train to slow down the speed of the watering pattern cover more areas it... End that attaches to the brand behind this oscillating sprinkler • 4 coverage. 1975 Aquazoom that is done, you should consider brands that have proven the quality of oscillating sprinklers are key... Guide, we will look at the faucet end of the water reach... Extensive lawn would require it to be one of the sprinkler has a fair of! State it comes with a durable metal oscillating lawn sprinkler: rotary sprinkler, to spray in your preferred.! Width between 12 and 46 feet and melnor xt metal oscillating lawn sprinkler not as much as 4,000 square feet ft-... Available right now for continuous operation after every season choose from coverage up 3600... Will definitely be more massive ensures a more straightforward connection and disconnection of black. Sprinkler and product dimensions some point your sprinkler manufacturer mentioned is expensive nozzle ensures.