It's difficult for her when we visit our grandparents because she has to refrain from smoking but mum has told Chloe's mum who is her sister she should tell their mum Chloe smokes.Belinda mum said she should be cool with it because nan loves it that Lilly and I smoke. I'm 14 and it's difficult for me to go more than 3 days unless i have a c ock up so far up my ass or up my c unt. Newports are pretty strong mom and dad have been smoking them for years. Also, stopping smoking seeming rebellious might take the edge off it and let it quit. a life of crime through taking drugs, jail time, stealing from my parents to feed my drug addiction . I'm in the mood to f uck tonight. There is nothing nicer to see a young girl and hercmom enjoying a cigarette together at 12 years of age although I know from reading this forum you were smoking with your mother's approval long before that.I'm 37 and I didn't smoke in the presence of my mom until I was 18.Donna, Don't worry too much Donna we love smoking, drinking and having s** and it will take more than the likes of Noel to stop us.Oskana, Noel,You appear to believe in child abuse in that you are threatening to smack the girls bare a****. Give Lola a kiss on the cheek from me.Lilly. Mum also said it'd be hard for you to get your parents to approve you to smoke because as you say, they don't smoke. When Lola came down, she was completely changed from my little girl to a street w****. The threat was obvious, with nothing being said.I'll close for now. If we're not there she said she'll embarrass us and come into the house and grab one twin under each of her arms and drag us out. When we got back, I got my brainsf-cked out - twice- which was just what I needed! I gave them a congratulary cigarette each on NYE and they walked around the house with it puffing away without inhaling much though Summer accidentally inhaled twice while smoking her cigarette. We were in the school netball team and soccer team and we played soccer or our district on the weekend but we were short of breath. She hit the end of her cigarette to get his hand away and that's when she burnt the hole. I know that she has watched p*** on her computer and that this is not an uncommon among our young as it has often been in the print media. From a distance.Cate. Disobedience is severely dealt with. Lola's getting a different type of education. In another way, dad gives me the sh its. Mum asked for 3 glasses and 3 nips of Vodka in each glass for us kids in a larger glasses with diet coke to disguise the contents, to give the impression we ere drinking straight coca cola. A good looking black man arrived with his two young, twin sons (age 11 or 12 maybe ?) She said she'll take over teaching the babies to smoke however she's worried a little coz Summer gets an eye infection and cigarette smoke gets in her left eye but they don't object to the taste and smell of smoke, Cyndi,Your mum doesn't have to know you f uck. how old are they twins? Due to his interest for Yoga which arouse at the age of thirteen, he decided to formally study yoga and ayurvedic medicine at BHU Banaras Hindu University Uss San Francisco Model, During that week, I smoked with Aunty whenever I wanted to and I was lighting up in the car, in front of her friends, in front of my two younger femal cousins at a cafe where quite a few people were watching me smoke. I know it would be easy to become judgemental when it comes to a young child smoking. Cate,This may be longish so I'll grab my cigarettes because I need to smoke as this is disturbing news and I feel for you. I only answer to mom and she does drugs too. I'm not looking forward to them getting much older but they're going too and that's a fact of life unfortunately.I enjoy their antics at home. Then make a phone call to this f ucking trouble maker and ask her why she wants the birth certificate. F uck the naysayers. I said you girls are smoking more than ever so if you need more cigarettes let me know. We just want her to be safe. Belinda,It's mid-morning here, and I did manage to get some decent sleep. She can easily pass for a girl of fourteen. It just shows "Private Number". I saw Phillip, his brothers, and some of their girls who were working. Belinda if there was nil danger to Ren and f****** in the big wide world, would you allow them to prostitute themselves?Ian, Ian,This is hypothetical. When I rang Ren's number by using the prefix, her phone rang and it displayed "Private number". I need a drink and some time to decompress.Cate. Now, I'm not at all sure what she'll do. She said Phillip's mom was very pleased with her, and told her she had something planned after next week and Lola would be making some videos.I told her to keep in touch, ad let me know if she needed anything. I am simply trying to insure her safety, by removing myself from the scene to a greaterdegree.Get back please.Cate. No, she is not using condoms. My stomach is in knots and I'm a wreck. I have a friend that just let her daughter smoke because it was just phase and she is still smoking after 30 years and trying to stop now. I can only imagine the number of men and boys she'll have been with by then. If anything, I feel it's best to go along with my "orders". I don't want her to go over a pack a day when she gets really addicted. I've got a ring through my nose and a stud through my tongue. F uck it's going to be as boring as cat's p Oskana, Ren, Lilly and Oskana,You are smart girls academically as Belinda was saying about a week ago. When Lilly came to the breakfast table this morning, she pulled her lips apart and said "Mum look at my c unt, isn't she gorgeous?" We use to break up her cigarettes or hide them from her. Pop doesn't mind Ren and I smoking in fact he likes the idea that we when we get to his place, he lets us go to the fridge and get a beer each and one for him and we have a smoke with him. Callum,What do you mean when you write have I got any socials. He's used brothels when he arrived home after being deployed by the army overseas.Are you able to change the license plates on your car because Lola, Phillip & Co may recognize your car but if the plates are different to what they know, it should confuse them. Belinda, One thing I forgot.When Phillip's mom had Lola pierced, she did her nipples with delicate ringsand her c******* was pierced through the clitoral hood - not the c******* itself.Much less painful. I was expecting I’d be a lone voice and would end up facing a BNBR firing squad of squawkers! after our main course we had dessert and coffee and smoked about 4 cigarettes each before leaviing. Chloe has seen Ren and I f uck on the lounge but Chloe thinks Ren is hurting me because I moan a bit. Ren. I have more to to proud of by buying the things I want rather than stealing them. Very nice. I am 33 and had my oldest >daughter when I was non-smoking 16 year old. Not to mention a young child smoking at 6, 7 or 8 years of age. I mean physically. Hi Veronica yeah Belinda is awesome and she's 27. Belinda. In addition, smoking robs your body of oxygen which as a growing child you need. Have yourself a night cap now and try to sleep tight. I came home with a sore c unt but I got the sh it f ucked out of me real bad. Belinda and Cate your daughters are naughty. We're having breakfast at the moment and Amelia is getting her nicotine fix before she goes to school this morning. What about karen does she smoke and how many ppd and what brand does she smoke from greg, Does karen have friends that let there children smoke from greg, Hi Greg, Aunt Karen smokes Camel about 1ppd. But it's so unfortunate and corrupt that you are powerless to protect your own daughter.Belinda, Cate and Belinda,You are extraordinary mothers. There's a chance though that Phillip's mum won't answer privite numbers and if she does she'll wonder why your number has been concealed.Whilst I knew of this before, I just Googled "How to hide my phone number when I call another number" and this prefix was shown. Greg Thank you for your kind words about my daughters Ren and Lilly. If all that was in order, then I'd consider Ren and Lilly becoming prostitutes. Iike most can understand how they have s** with each other. will be informed about the contents of this forum.Five years old girl forrced to loose her virginity by her own family. I can't remember whether this happened in Sydney or overseas or had the protection of older girls like Lola is getting but after investigations it was found that this girl's murder came about she was getting more s ex than her female "girlfriends' and that she was a lot younger .Ren and I like the idea of being escorts and mum said she has no problem in us doing that when we're 18 provided we do it in a safe environment like a 4 star hotel in the city that has security and an emergency alarm ,even if we have to charge more. She said Phillip and his two older brothers would be over tomorrow to collect her and her belongings. In fact it would be fair to say that I love them more than my biological twin baby daughters, Summer and Liberty.When girls are young, they make our arms ache and when they are older they make our heart ache as I've experienced with Ren and Lilly. Nothing definite at this point. She already has all the records from school. I hope all you people will accept it because we're excited. Wags, Lilly and Ren.My name's Veronica and I'm 14 how old is Belinda bc I'd love to have her as a mom, WagsHere's the link of the newspaper article about kids smoking at school, Wags,Lilly holds the record at the school for being suspended for smoking. Love, Emily. NoooI bet you haven't and you don't know what the f*** you're missing when you're getting laid when your off your face and t***. But I believe this is something the girlswant to do now, not laterCate. Plus we don't like the idea of not being able to be choosy with men. Any other parents let there children smoke I've had a new boyfriend for 6 days now and we've been f ucking at his place. He then said his uncle is a lawyer and he was going to have me charged with assault. For Christ's sake you're too harsh in that she won't let you get in cars with blokes that have had too much to drink or drugged and off their faces, ever thought she cares about you? Izzy and Ren had a girl crush on each other. How tall is Lola? Firstly you could let her smoke. My grandparents let me smoke (& drink) when I was a teenager, started buying them for me & then my mother found out & after some discussion also allowed me to smoke. I did not know any of these people. We've got a double shop in frontage and size and we do all our work on our feet. I'm not a prude, I'm a grandmother and in my early 40sAll my love to them and you. Their grandparents, natural mum, my sister, their father and I bought them cigarettes together with clothes and we gave them money. Cate,I can't believe the judicial system is so corrupt in Arizona. The thought of them having s ex with animals sickens me to them stomach. What I didn't tell you is that they're taking small puffs from my cigarette without inhaling at this stage.Another thing too, I couldn't possibly tell my parents (the kids' grandparents) that I allow my kids to smoke. It is for kids who come from broken homes and the principal allows them to smoke so they will attend school. That was from me Cate,Belinda.And don't worry too much if Lola dresses provocatively. She's your daughter so you should let her smoke if she wants. She was once a school teacher. We are lucky to 3 sets of grandparents - two sets of our biological grandparents and one "grandmother" and "grandfather" who are Belinda's mum and dad but out of respect we call than nan and pop. I wanted my mum to ensure Ren and Lilly were taking the Pill every every night to prevent any unwanted pregnancies Belinda, Belinda,Thank you so much for your reply. She wore a very tight, short skirt that barely covered her behind and when she sat, her front was almost completely exposed. I wonder in what other ways he mistreats her?All the best and stay safe.Belinda. I was tongue kissing her as she was being f ucked by our friend called Leyton. Anyway, I am going to dial back my concerns, otherwise I'll just make myselfcrazy. I doubt she felt anything was amiss. It will not surprise me in the least if she continues to go "bareback", both orally and vaginally. They're only young once in a lifetime. I'm sure I've turned my life around now and I'm doing well at school. Oskana, Cate,The girls are delighted with their piercings and chain hanging down from their vags with jewellery. Belinda good luck to you. She loves the feeling of natural intimacy. so we have a big mortgage again. Lilly, Your mum is right wait a couple of years u girls helping your mum looking after your mums babies then in a few years think about it but what about education, Before mum bought into a hairdressing salon she was a school teacher and is thinking about home school schooling us. I >married her father, finished high school, and got my >CNA certificate (and started smoking shortly >thereafter fully aware how bad smoking was for my >health). She looked every bit a s***, who could pass for a much older girl.Phillip's mom said in a few weeks, I would hardly be able to recognize her. When we go out to lunch I like them to look smart. I will try him with it in a couple of days. Being a prostitute is not all the glamour it's made out to be in the movies, and it can be dangerous.Lola is in that world now. My sister will look after the babies for me. I'll be going out every evening for a while, just to keep tabs on her, and keep notice of her physical appearance.By the way, that was a good idea to change my license plates. So she'll also sleep with her boyfriend at our place and she can have the bed in the sun room. How can you be sure that they are? If your gut reaction is to freak out after learning that your child is experimenting with smoking, don’t worry. Mum wants Ren and I to wait until we're 14 to get pregnant. I want mine done and when they leave school next month, I'm allowing them a tattoo near their vag. When we go to parties and one has to go to the bathroom, the other one has to look after our drinks so they won't be spiked. I think with Ren and Lilly having had them put in last Monday together with our planned adventure, they have been more active in the bedroom, even with if it has been with each other. Do u smoke and do u have daughters and children that smoke and how much do they smoke per day, Do u smoke do u have children that smoke and how old and how much do u and your children smoke per day. Chloe inhales every drag of her cigarettes and gets up during the night to smoke.My baby twins will be 17 months old on the 6th February and they have been smoking or a few weeks now although they don't inhale every drag nor do they finish the whole lot of their cigarette. I was worried until I saw my gynaecologist about it who told me it was normal behavior. Belinda. I found cigarettes in my child’s room! Phillip's mom is the one who's really in control here.I'm going out later, to see if I can find her and just see how she's doing in her new life - from a distance. Have you got your 2 boys smocking yet and how many does amelia smoke a day from greg My twin eleven year old daughters have been smoking for years. No way. Iwonder what she's doing. I tongue kissed them tonight and I felt aroused as well. Then I'll be on her turf.You mentioned Lola's alarm bells? Furthermore you encouraged or gave them your permission to have s** simply by buying them the aides so they are able to pleasure themselves. Lola said she loved the feeling of Phillip insideher and basically swore off the use of condoms. Greg is your 6 year old daughter having s** yet? Cate,These piercings are most stimulating. She said it's only a smoker's cough and it won't get me out of doing my share of house chores. Hi, I smoke about 1,5 ppd. And take photocopies of the B. CGet back to me. What you are talking about is very interesting. She has started to inhale and it happened overnight. You would have observed that this man (about 40 years of age) with a profile like that would be quite muscular. RenBelinda should have learnt to keep her legs when she was 15 and not get herself preg with you and Lilly. Text messages went out this morning to ten girls and 12 guys to advise there's all night s** at our place on Saturday night and everyone is most welcome to stay overnight.Belinda. Ren. The attorney stated that if I did not sign, I would have to appear in court, with my attorney to contest the charges.He assured me that this would be pointless. When I am smoking my cigaret Kim always looks at me how I inhale the smoke into my lungs. tell her if she really thinks she is, you will buy her a nicotine patch. That way you can record the conversation. I trust she enjoys it. Mum has read a lot about it and said that twincest is quite common. Why I let my children smoke Why I let my children smoke My kids call me sly and cunning because I refused to be a goody-two-shoes Mom who forbid everything. !LOL, Hi, I am Sandra, 14 yo. That is the maximum number of people allowed during this coronavirus sh it. Mum said it might be best if we break her hymen with our finger. When I was 12 I asked my mother if I could smoke. They stare at my kids smoking in outdoor eateries of cafes having a cigarette with their coffee, you know what I mean. Passers by are the pits. That will be done tomorrow after school. Then stick her clothes in her closet so she is reminded of it for a long time. Mum said I qualified as certifiably drunk last night but I didn't even feel wasted.Lilly, Wags,Talk to your nan about letting you smoke NOW.Don't f uck around go and see her and ask her for a cigarette.Ren. It was verre special to feel the smoke in my lungs that just already also was in the lungs of my Aunt. Belinda you should let your s**** be prostitutes. On the drive here, I received a text from her. How could Phillip? Her youth and sleazy manner of dress is a real attention getter. She said we're pretty smart girls but we're very foolish sometimes and said even tho we deleted it it will still leave a print on my computer.Mum is pretty rad and I'll tell you more about her laterHow old are your twin sisters and do they smoke?Lilly and me are not full on Goth but we want to wear Goth clothes for a change, mum is not real keen lol. I knew I had found something that was everything I hcould have dreamed of. Cate, Maybe a man has booked Lola for an " all-night" session. In a way, I'm pleased that you're bringing this to my attention because the twins read these posts and it should heed as a warning to them that prostitution isn't all fun and games.They are a low-down family and it'd be a sad enditement for me to see my daughters in despicable s ex acts all over the Internet.It's unnerving knowing the b itch has been to child welfare agencies telling lies about you and has the hide to treat you and Lola like this.Knowing that you are powerless to do anything about this situation tears at my heart strings for you. Mum went to teachers college with a woman she's still in contact with who paid her way through college from money she earned prostituting herself. But over time when I allowed them to drink in moderation, have s** with guys and each other and smoke we have developed a loving and open relationship. I am tired of the situation and prepared to give in to her. Cate,I saw your previous post come in more than a day ago but I was procrastinating as to how I was going to answer it. My wife and I have a very bright 9 year old daughter who seems to be "borrowing" cigarettes, and we dont know from where. We all ordered bacon and egg rolls with a cup of coffee each so the cafe shop got a hundred bucks out of us all together. She's got a gold bar through her nipples with a ruby on the end. Belinda, Cate, As I say, you are powerless to do anything about this situation. I feel so juicy!I told Lola to call me if she felt the need and she said she would. Hi lilly I have another Nan that does and could maybe say something to her but I barely ever see her as things regarding my dads side of the family are really awkward I jus wish i could be able to smoke as freely as you and Ren how’d you manage to smoke at school, Wags,Mum was oncve a school teacher and so she homeschools Ren and me 2 and a half days a week and oversees our online studies. I had a couple of scotches, but they aren't helping. It was a pleasant change from the b itches b itching about us smoking.

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