Goku said that he wouldn't be able to defeat Majin Buu (Super Buu). Leader Skill: TEQ Ki+2, HP, ATK, and DEF+70%. 1080p 12:37. opis eventÓw i newsÓw i extreme z battle ssj3 teq gotenks lv20 weekly event dbz dokkan battle pl . Derek Lee. 17. dokkan nowoŚci: eza lr hercule extreme z area majinn buu nowa lr vegeta angel . Int super buu eza Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle iOS (iPhone/iPad) Android. 1) Vice Shout (Supreme) (SA Lv. This subreddit is for both the Japanese and Global version. Nintendo 3DS FC: 4570-8696-0014 Switch: 3622-0621-0339 IGN: Sam Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved. Along with being malleable, Buu's body can regenerate on a vast molecular scale.He can conduct pink electricity through his body to shock anyone that touches him Passive: Ki+3, ATK+100%; plus an additional ATK and DEF up to 100% (the more HP remaining, the greater the boost); reduce damage received by 20% if HP is 80% or above; recover 5% HP at the end of the turn after receiving an attack Anime fights Inc. Anime fights Inc. Inc. sans pro. 2 Super LR Tier List 3 Super UR Tier List 4 Top Tier Pure Saiyans Team Guide 5 Extreme LR Tier List 6 Team Guides 7 Top Tier Potara Team Guide 8 EZA Tier List 9 Extreme UR Tier List 10 Top Tier Goku's Family Team Guide Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: 2100 STONES SUMMON! TEQ Super Saiyan 2 Goku EZA | Dokfan Battle Wiki | Fandom. Dokkan battle buu super. Dokkan Live - BOSS RUSH 4/5 - POTARA I MAJIN BUU TEAM PL . ... 5 EZA Tier List 6 Top Tier Hybrid Saiyans Team Guide 7 Top Tier Realm of Gods Team Guide Movie Bosses Phy Broly 55% Str Lr Broly 55% SA20 Wrath Broly 55% SA15 Phy Transforming Vegeta 69% SSBE 69% Phy Golden Frieza 100%. Everything Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle! Now once I have enough to finish the discount summons on INT LR Cell's banner, I will. He just loses all that he heals in one hit. Next Awakening Cost. LeegitLee. ... Teq GF 3. 140 10256 11032 11808 12584 14584 17184 9380 10077 10774 11472 13472 16872 3856 4146 4436 4727 6727 9727 Awakened UR Destruction Descending - Buu (Super) Extreme TEQ. Eza Gogeta 79% SA15 Phy Ssj3 Gotenks 69% Ssj4 Gogeta 69% Agl EZA SSJ3 Goku 100% sa15 Str Godku 100% / Teq Godku 55% depending on event. 1/80: TEQ Type ATK +50%: Vice Shout - Extreme damage and rare chance to stun the enemy Details: Absorption - Recover 25% of damage dealt as health: ... EZA. A few dupes for units I use (such as AGL Super Gogeta) and a few new units like PHY Piccolo and LR Trunks/Mai. teq majin buu. Dashtron 980. darknight. ur 12317. 1080p 11:07. eza ssj3 teq gotenks test ezb lv 30 team dragon ball z dokkan battle . Now with recent great additions such as SSJ3 Broly's EZA, TEQ Buff Buu's EZA, SSJ4 Broly and also LR DKP I feel like … EZA TEQ MAJIN BUU (South Supreme Kai) TEST DOKKAN BATTLE PL . So here goes my idea for 1 of my favorite and under used card the Destruction Descending Teq Super buu eza: LS: Teq ki+3,hp atk and def+90% Passive: atk and def+50%(maybe 60% but more is just pure full heal i think), additional def+100% when launching a super attack, ki+2 and def+10% to all allies when there are 5 or more "majin power" allies on the team, recovers 33% of damage dealt. 720p 01:15:36. 42. 2020 (1148) tháng năm 2020 (2) tháng một 2020 (1146) 2019 (1292) tháng mười hai 2019 (1253) camera iphone 8 plus apk Counter Strike: Canada Mo... funny moments in … 1335. Phy Broly 4. Press J to jump to the feed. Honestly if TEQ Super Buu could just take a hit decently well he'd be a fantastic unit because of the amount of healing he can pull off. When ESBR first dropped I had fun taking down the new stages but couldn't beat the EXT TEQ stage (vs super AGL) and still haven't done so to this day. Golden Warrior - Saiyan Warrior Race - Super Saiyan - Kamehameha - Infighter - Prepared for Battle - Shattering the Limit Majin Buu Saga - Pure Saiyans - Goku's Family. He hits for about 800k at sa20 on the ginyu team. Super Kamehameha (SA Lv. SSBKK 5. ssr 11144. Reviews. Questions. Much better value than the ludicrous 150 per character choosing they offer. 15) Inflige des dégâts immenses à l'ennemi Inflige des dégâts immenses et réduit fortement ATK & DEF Augmente très fortement son ATK et faible chance de stun (20%) et réduit fortement ATK & DEF: Winning is Everything View all Vegito SSJ4 Xeno Gotenks transforming (INT) Buutenks buu transforming (TEC) Goku and Vegeta (angel) Kefla Vegito LR (TEQ) Gogeta LR (PHY) Beerus (PHY) Majin Vegeta Goku SSJ2 (Angel) Fused C-13 Coora (STR) Bardock Future Gohan (INT) Piccolo SSB (kaioken) Goku (STR) Zamasu (AGL) Future trunks (TEC) Goku (namek saga) Gohan SSJ2 LR Cell LR Vegeta SSJ4 (STR) Goku SSJ4 (AGL) … EZA TEQ Majin Buu (South Kaioshin) - Leader: Hệ TEQ Ki +2, HP & ATK & DEF +70% - Passive: Ki +3, ATK +100%. Awakened UR Savage Battle Instinct - Buu (Super) Extreme TEQ. More posts from the DBZDokkanBattle community. Full board of orbs, it’s not realistic but I just wanted to see it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Riccardo Mainini. Stream Transformation // TEQ Super Buu by Kagayaku from desktop or your mobile device Sephiroth's Cum. 2020.11.11 22:54 ooblahi Link level 1 69% Teq Eza Cell, Kid Buu’s passive was not fully active and no BBB. User:Dbzfan999sig 17:59, October 25, 2011 (UTC) Actually this is the order Gohan super buu. Buu (Super) 2719. ... 18 Ki (EZA): Super Spirit Bomb (Extreme) - Causes mega-colossal damage to enemy and raises allies' ATK & DEF by 30% for 1 turn Made him as a defensive juggernaut, simple and easy. 135 Lv. Riccardo Mainini. I just need 85 stones. Perfect slot 2 card for that heal and to make the team a little more tanky. And the Super Buu DFE is still new so that won't happen. Buu's pink Ki is extremely destructive capabilities, able to easily destroy large planets with minimal effort. Shocking Absorption Majin Buu (Super) [EZA] Countdown to Despair Majin Buu (Ultimate Gohan) ... By making use of the new TEQ Gohan and the Vegito pairs, this team is well-rounded and ready to take on long and short events with minimal effort. Two multis and I'm happy with what I cam out with. That is why i focused more on def, he gets def at atart of turn, on super and gives some def for the team if run on majin power. Users who liked this track Dashtron 980. Shocking Absorption Ability Buu (Super) [EZA] A Friend’s Decision Hercule/Majin Buu (Good) ... Lastly, this team kicks some serious butt all around because of units like the TEQ Majin buu and definitely LR Buu. Find the cards, build your team, create a graph to see how they link - Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Game Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. It takes some time, but the team builds up to have attack and defense stats that will make you unbeatable. Linking him with rosé is a guaranteed super at least, however, if you have teq super buu or teq buff buu, they are probably a better choice compared to buuhan in terms of links. 1045. 130 Lv. Buu ( Super ) TEQ Broly EZA AGL Majin Vegeta TEQ x2 Lord Slug PHY Cellza INT Janembu TEQ BATCH GOHAN 1255 stones Super Saiyan 3 Bardock INT Super Saiyan Vegeta STR Goku EVO AGL Pan (GT) PHY Android 16 TEQ Super Saiyan 2 Goku (GT) PHY Super Saiyan 3 Goku (GT) STR 125 Lv. x50 x20 x10 x3 x1 Moves and Skills Leader Skill. Had 145 stones worth using. Buu (Super) 1840. 1/120: TEQ Type Ki +3 and ATK & DEF +50%: Assault Rain - Causes supreme damage with a rare chance to stun the enemy Details: Favorite Candy - Recovers 30% of damage dealt as health: ... EZA. You guys are going to hate me BUT I also have 150 red coins, could get either a third dupe for EZA TEQ Cell, EZA PHY Black, or sit on them for longer. 50 "Message From Another World" Angel Goku: AGL: SR: Dokkan Awaken "Overflowing Resolve" Goku (GLB only) Yes. SA: raise atk for 1 turn, causes supreme damage to the enemy with a medium(30% as before it was 20%) to stun the enemy. ... Oh wow, LR 1000 day login Goku is getting an EZA with LR TEQ SSJ Goku and it looks nuts! Matias Alfonso Navarrete Del Rio. Extreme Z-Battle: Welcome to Hell Perfect Cell Guide, Should You Pull: “DOKKAN NOW!” Release Celebration, Should You Pull: Kale & Caulifla Legendary Summon, SSR Savage Battle Instinct - Buu (Super) TEQ, Awakened UR Savage Battle Instinct - Buu (Super) Extreme TEQ, Awakened UR Destruction Descending - Buu (Super) Extreme TEQ, Awakened LR Awakened True Power - Super Saiyan Gohan (Youth) Super AGL, Awakened LR Nightmarish Impact - Super Saiyan Broly Extreme TEQ, Awakened UR Observance of Pride - Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta Super AGL, Awakened UR Extreme Ultimate Power - Cooler Extreme STR, Awakened UR Decisive Kamehameha - Super Saiyan God SS Goku Super PHY, Awakened UR Eternal Horror - Legendary Super Saiyan Broly Extreme PHY, Awakened UR Everything At Stake - Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta Super AGL, Awakened UR Grim Reaper of Death's Rampage - Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks Super TEQ, Awakened UR Netherworld Demon - Super Janemba Extreme INT, Extreme damage and rare chance to stun the enemy, Foils enemy's 'True Power' and boosts ATK by 15%. GLOBAL INT TRANSFORMING SUPER SAIYAN 3 GOTENKS & TEQ SUPER BUU DUAL DOKKAN FESTIVAL BANNER SUMMONS 00:00-16:56 Transforming Gotenks Summons 16:58-34:12 Transforming Buu Summons 34:27-50:25 Ticket Summons 50:28 Summon Results 💡 Recommended Videos 💡 🔊 GLOBAL! Goku SSJ3
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